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Our Philosophy

Performance horses are held to a separate set of standards than horses bred just for halter conformation. We demand that all of our horses are sound in mind and body before we use them in our breeding program. We use all of our horses, and we do not have "broodmares" because our mares are riding horses.We want to know our stock has the willing demeanor and ability to perform. Because we keep a small and select herd we control what we are raising directly. We never breed for quantity, just quality. We consider testing for the genetics disease that plague our breed is very important. Our stallions are clear of HERDA, GBED, PSSM, & HYPP. We do not breed horses with inheritable conformational defects. If you want a working ranch horse, a barrel horse, a heeling horse, a trail buddy or anything in between you know our horses can do it, that's a promise.

If you do not rescue, do not breed!
Horse overpopulation is a VERY real problem. Responsible breeding is the only answer!

We are a R.A.R.E Breeder

Our Breeding
We breed American Quarter Horses to the standards of foundation breeding started decades ago when horses were still a lively hood for many. We have some modern influence and some of our horses are of appendix type, but we use them carefully to create refinement in our stock. Most of our founding horses were of Hancock breeding and we maintain that because of their extreme athleticism. Everything we offer is something we believe will have what it takes. We ranch in two of the toughest environments that exist. In the High Rockies of Western Colorado, a surefooted horse with sensibility is necessary for the rocky terrain, heavy timber, fast water crossings and huge elevation gains. Then on the high Eastern Plains, we must cover thousands of acres a day in hot, cold, and wind. A horse with "big country" longevity is  required. Good legs and feet and a big heart and desire to work are the only things that keep you from  getting a job done or not. Form and function are more than just words to us, they are the very design we use to determine what we raise.

Our Associates and Partners

Training-Matt Matusio of Matusio Performance Horses-Calhan, CO

Veterinarian-Alyssa King DVM of Kings Kreatures

Equine Dentist-Edye Lucas of Oklahoma Equine Dentistry

Photographer-Kathryn Ory of Ory Photography

Farrier-Brandon Bunting of Bunting Farrier Services

Feel free to contact any of our partners in business, we highly recommend them all!